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Electric Curtain Tracks

Your Stylish Home stock a select range of Silent Gliss Electric Tracks curtain systems giving you complete control for straight or bay windows whether you want them for security, easy of operation or for a touch of luxury. There are different curtain track systems, choose from the Silent Gliss Autoglide models which can be operated from a button switch on the wall, remote controlled, timer controlled or the total control giving a combination of control types. All of the electric curtain tracks are made to measure, and can be fitted like a normal track and the easy to follow Silent Gliss Autoglide curtain track instructions make setting up the system a breeze. There are other models we sell for heavier curtains or the Silent Gliss Metropole curtain pole with integrated electric track for something more decorative. Our expert advisors can help you decide between them should you wish to discuss the options further.
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